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Terms of Service


Use of this site and its materials means that you agree not to pass these resources off as your own (copyright violation), distribute these materials for profit (another copyright violation) or interact with this site in a way that is knowingly malicious (attempting to hack, implant a virus or crash the site are just a few examples of unacceptable use). These terms may change in the future without notice.


All materials on this site are provided free of charge for the purpose of enhancing homeschool and classroom educational experiences and may be further distributed at no charge as long as

a) every reasonable attempt is made to credit this site as the source of the materials

b) money is not collected in association with the material or event in which the material is distributed.

With the exception of public domain reading materials found in the Literature section, this site and the materials on this site are the property of and under copyright by Olive Mount Kids. The limited permissions for free distribution that have been granted do not in any way wave these rights of ownership. As a user, you are given permission to print these materials for personal use or for use by children or students under your supervision without charge. These materials may further be distributed to other parents and teachers as long as the above criterion are met. If you desire to use these materials as part of any publication or event where a fee is charged to attend or participate, permission must be received prior to use.

Example of reasonably not including credit to this site: Pre-cut flashcards are distributed directly to classroom students. In making the cards, the URL would have been cut off the page and it would not be reasonable to expect it to be written on the cards. In this instance, it would be a courtesy to mention this site to parents when suggesting resources they could use from home.

Example of reasonably using materials as part of a paid event without prior permission: A fee is charged only to cover the actual cost of the space used and the printing of materials used by students. In other words, the event is intended to be as close to free as possible for children to attend. No profit is intended by the event, but those coordinating the event aren't expected to cover the costs out of their own pocket. As the intended audience for actual usage of this material is children/students, teacher conferences and homeschool events targeted towards parents should limit distribution more closely in accordance with the guidelines of educational fair use. We feel that up to three example pages per attendee (with this sites URL displayed on the material) and no limitation on the number of participants to which the materials may be distributed is a fair compromise between demonstrating the value of this site as a resource and eliminating their need for this site as a resource. If you feel you need to distribute larger portions of this site, we request that you obtain permission to distribute the materials.

Malicious Behavior

Attempting to destroy this site and/or its free educational resources is not acceptable use of this site. Attempting to cause harm to the other users of this site is also not acceptable. Any behavior that is deemed to have malicious intent, including but not limited to hacking, implanting viruses, and denial of service attacks, will be reported to the proper authorities.

Right to Amend Terms

Olive Mount Kids reserves the right to change these terms at any time and without notice to users. Unless otherwise noted or prohibited by law, all changes will be effective at the time of their posting.

Last Updated: February 14, 2013